Thank you for your interest in the REACH|TRIO Student Support Services program at Cazenovia College!  Please complete this application as thoroughly as possible.  Know that you cannot save and restart this application; you may want to skim the page first to make sure you have the necessary answers before starting.  If you have questions, please email our office at

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Taxable Income Information:
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$34,546 - $41,625
$41,626 - $48,705
$48,706 - $55,785
$55,786 - $62,865
$62,866 - $69,945
 Above $69,946

My tax status for 2020 was Dependent, Independent, or Other. If other, specify. *
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WARNING: Falsifying information on this form is a federal offense, punishable by a fine, or imprisonment, or both. 

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